“Ashish and I met at a social event and we had a brief conversation. He managed to get my number and messaged me but I was certain that anything I was getting into had to evolve into marriage. So naturally, I didn’t even think about him that seriously,” Manmeet laughs at the irony. She says Ashish came across as a lovely gentleman and so she figured that having him as a good friend made sense. Deep in the friend zone, Ashish didn’t lose hope. He kept at it and eventually found his moment to prove himself. Manmeet recalls the day she realized he was the one for her, “He’d asked me out to dinner. The plan was for him to pick me up from my Work, get an early dinner and then go to a movie. But the agenda was completely thrown when my work went on till 8:30 pm.” Ashish had got there a half hour early too but when he realized he’d have to wait, “He didn’t want to disturb the shoot.” When Manmeet was finally done, she emerged exhausted and hungry. She remembers, “He really took good care of me. We grabbed a really quick bite and went to see the film. After the film I was still hungry but by then all the restaurants were shut. So Ashish drove for an hour and a half to reach the airport where we finally got food. I realized I really really liked him!”

Couple – Ashish & Manmeet
Wedding Location – Andheri Gurudwara
Reception – Hyatt Regency