How Big is your Crew ?

The total team size for Photo & Film can be between 6-10, Depending on the scale of the wedding.

How Early should I contact you ?

ASAP, Most of time Popular date are taken really very fast.

Do you offer wedding video or cinematography services? I'd like a wedding video — and I’d like everything to be done under one roof.

Absolutely! Wedding cinema has evolved a lot over the last few years. We will develop a beautiful thematic documentary style wedding Film which will perfectly complement your wedding album.

Do you shoot both “sides” of a wedding?

Yes, we absolutely do! As a matter of fact, we highly recommend hiring just us to shoot both the groom’s and the bride’s family.

Can I opt for only photography or videography packages/or hire another photography team?

Yes, of course. You can hire us for either one. But we highly recommend that you hire us for the entire package. When we cover a wedding, we are shooting your story from a certain perspective that reflects in both our photography and films. Hiring two teams can cause a clash of ideas, and both your end products to be different from each other.

How many wedding pictures do you typically provide per wedding? What are your selection criteria?

We do not limit the number of images we shoot during a wedding.  The kind of work we do results in a number of rejected photos – bad expressions, bad lighting, distractions in the frame and so on. 

The rest of the photos are manually selected, colour corrected, juxtaposed to tell a story if needed and marked for final delivery. On average, we deliver between 400-600 images from a two-day wedding, and between 500-800 images from a three-day wedding (and so on…). This will be more than sufficient for you to relive your wedding, frame by frame.


Do you edit the photos? How much editing is involved?

Yes, all images provided to you will be edited to match the vision we had for each photo. Our editing style is a light touch – and mostly involves using a colour palette that we love.


How long will it take for you to deliver our wedding photos & FIlm ?

We typically deliver the final set of individually developed images from your wedding between 4-6 weeks after your wedding dates.


Who owns the usage rights to my wedding images? What is a personal rights release, and who owns the copyright?

Along with the assignment, you own the full usage rights to your wedding photos for non-commercial use. Legal jargon aside, that means you can do whatever you want with your wedding photos (like making more albums, taking prints, sending them out to relatives, sharing them online and what have you). The only thing you cannot do is resell your wedding images – which I am sure you will not want to do! As the photographer, we will own the ‘copyright’ to the photographs, which means we own the author rights to the photograph.


Do we get to see the wedding film/trailer before the final delivery?

Yes, definitely. Before we deliver you your final wedding film or share it on our social media, we send it to you for a preview, should you want any changes made. Only after your final approval, do we finish the film.


What if I want some changes to be made to my wedding trailer/film?

We usually allow one rounds of changes to the wedding trailer and film. We completely understand that there is always room for changes and edits, and want to ensure that you’re absolutely happy with what you get – after all, it’s your wedding!


Who decides the music and film name for the Highlight film?

Music and songs selection are hand picked collectively by the Director, the client and the Edit team. The film names are usually suggested either by the client or the film director and approved by both.


Do you take Interview for wedding Film ?

yes! whenever we feel Necessary.

How is the Photo & film delivered to us?

Your wedding photos, trailer, and film will be uploaded to a shared drive that can be shared with your family and friends. Final delivery of high-resolution images and video will be sent to you on a pen drive by post or Online link {Google Drive}


Do you also provide wedding albums?

Yes! Wedding albums – or weddings books, are a critical part of the final piece of work.

How long will the album take?

Album Design and Printing take 2-3 week.

Will you be using the final wedding photos & Film in your portfolio and on your social media channels?

Yes, Of Course. That is how you find us. we would love to share those pictures & Film on our personal portfolio website and Social Media as examples of great work we’ve done, so that other couples may also be inspired by your wedding.

If you don’t want us to disclose your wedding photos on our personal channels, let us know beforehand. There is no official policy on how to approach these situations, and there may be a middle ground we can work out.

How to make the booking ?

You Can Reach us +91 9820366475 or you can fill Contact form.

Email – theknottystoryindia@gmail.com


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